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Welcome to BPW of Nashua, NH

Wow! It is MAY DAY! The year is moving along at a very fast pace and the plants are blooming. I have decided to surround myself with pink flowers this year. Pink, the color of love, passion, freshness and patience. My life is better because of all love I have in it. Family and friends, coworkers and mentors, partners and business associates are all a key to my feeling of love and feeling alive! What color will you surround yourself with this year? The colors we choose give clues about us a lot like this months topic! This meeting will be different than any other. I am always amazed at how I can look into someone's eyes and know so much about them. My job as a Holistic Life Coach always begins with the eyes and watching the reactions people have. I am looking forward to the topic this month! Please join us. I am volunteering to have my eyes read if she needs a volunteer!
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Love and light,
Barb Tremlett
Nashua BPW Prez. 2013-2014

Our new schedule going forward will be holding our meetings on the second Thursday of the month. If you have any questions please contact Barb Tremlett, President of BPW Nashua at 603-883-1490.

The meeting includes a full lunch buffet and time for networking.
The cost is $16.00 for members and $20.00 for non-members. An RSVP is not required. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua, additional information is available by contacting Membership Chairperson. Connect with us

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If you would like more information about joining, or have an interest in our group, click here to send us an email. For more information about our programs and events, click here to send an email to our Programs Chairperson.
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